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NHS General Practice Workforce Dashboard

This dashboard tool has been developed to accompany the System Dynamics simulation tool from WSP. The Simulator enables the end user to explore future recruitment requirements for the General Practice workforce and uses the baseline data in this app as it’s starting point. The General Practice Workforce simulator is a paid for service from WSP.

headcount selected out of a total headcount of 154024. Reset All

WTE selected out of a total WTE of 107877.4.

Area of Work

Click to view the workforce for your selected area of work. Reports in WTE.


Click to view the workforce for your selected gender. Reports in WTE.


This chart presents the age breakdown of the workforce. Select an age range to drill-down further. Reports in WTE.

Summarise by STP, CCG and Job Role

The three charts below enable you to summarise the data at STP, CCG and Job Role level. Click on those entities you wish to summarise. This summarised data is reported in the table below the charts. Please note that, if you select one or more STPs and then select a CCG that is not in any of your selected STPs (or vice versa), you will be left with the empty set. To avoid this, reset the requisite chart prior to making your next selection.


View the workforce by STP(s). Reports in WTE.


The choropleth chart (map) below displays the total WTE per 10,000 population1 for each Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). Regions are shaded according to their WTE per 10,000 population - the darker the region the higher the WTE. To summarise the data at one or more CCG level, click on the CCG map regions or select from the drop-down box above the map.

Job Role

Breaks down the Area of Work displayed above into Job Roles. Reports in WTE.

Skill Level Data Table

This table summarises the total WTE per five year age band by skill level. This is downloadable as a csv file.

Skill Level Under 30 30 to 34 35 to 39 40 to 44 45 to 49 50 to 54 55 to 59 60 to 64 65 and over Total

Source: This dashboard has been built on the official publication of the NHS General Practice Workforce by NHS Digital in September 2017. The data can be downloaded here.

1 Weighted CCG populations were used to determine resource density per 10,000 population. These are published by NHS England and were downloaded from here.