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The intentions of our blog are two-fold. The first is to present and discuss some interesting analysis we have carried out and the methods we use to analyse such data. The second is to showcase how our automated analysis, data visualisation and dashboard generation software tools can be used to process and present data from varied data sources.

Leveraging operational data to improve quality and efficiency in hospitals - the rise of the real-time data-driven app
November 23rd, 2017

Our thoughts on how data-driven apps can improve productivity, efficiency and quality in the NHS.

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Visualising the NHS General Practice Workforce in England
October 10th, 2016

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Our latest product is an interactive dashboard that enables you to visualise the NHS General Practice Workforce in England.

This part of the NHS is essentially formed of everyone who works in a GP surgery or similar primary care centre - over 160,000 people. This blog is a guide on how to use this dashboard and to glean intelligence from it.

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How do hospital cleaning costs vary?
April 22nd, 2016

The annual cleaning costs for NHS Hospital Trusts in England varies considerably. In this blog we use open healthcare data to investigate the ways in which they vary and to see if we can ascertain any NHS Trusts that maintain high quality outcomes while having relatively low cleaning costs.

If there are any Trusts like these, what are they doing differently to others and could their practices be replicated more widely in order to save the NHS money?

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How do bicycle crime rates vary across England and Wales? In this blog we analyse crime and population data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) to find out.

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Analysis of the birth rate of low weight babies in England
March 14th, 2016

In this blog we analyse data published by the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) in December 2015 that details the birth rate of low weight babies in England.

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