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In a world where the amount of stored business data is increasing day by day at an almost unimaginable rate, here at Anabasis we have the knowledge, experience and skills to help you to make sense of your own. Please take a look around to see what we can do for you.

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The intentions of our blog are two-fold. The first is to present and discuss some interesting analysis we have carried out and the methods we use to analyse such data. The second is to showcase how our automated analysis, data visualisation and dashboard generation software tools can be used to process and present data from varied data sources.

Leveraging operational data to improve quality and efficiency in hospitals

The rise of the real-time data-driven app

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"I have enjoyed working for, and with, Heather for 5 years in various roles. Heather has a real thirst to learn new skills that compliment her truly expert data analysis skills. Working as part of her team at HSCIC I was given freedom to explore and develop my own skills to enhance and compliment the team, strengthening what we could achieve together. Whilst Heather's background is in health, we have also worked with her to develop insight on cycling with some great data visualisations produced using a range of tools. Heather would compliment any organisation or project team who is looking for analysis, strategic thinking, and understanding how to build effective multidisciplinary teams."

Mark Barrett, Director, Hebeworks

"Heather is a talented analyst and data scientist who is that rare combination of being technically expert but also understanding the real world and able to apply her skills in ways that answer ‘real world problems’."

Dr Mark Davies, Chief Medical Officer (Europe), IBM

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