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Our Services

This page gives a flavour of the services we offer. Please do contact us with your specific requirements or if you would like to discuss any ideas you have - we would be very happy to work with you to develop them into a project brief.

Bespoke Analysis and Modelling

If you have a specific question or problem that requires data or statistical analysis we can help. We are experts in statistical analysis and modelling, and in the data processing that is often required to get to the point where the analysis can be carried out. We are comfortable using all the main data processing and statistical software packages (and are happy to advise on this).

We can deliver the results of your required analysis in a variety of ways - a research-style written report, a spreadsheet, an interactive dashboard for you to further analyse and interpret, a webpage for you to embed in your website, a full website or a combination of these media.

Automated Data Analytics and Reporting

If you have a requirement to design and run standard reporting processes - perhaps on top of an existing database or data warehouse - we can help you to plan, design and develop the solution. We offer objective and independent advice regarding which technology to select for your solution, taking into account the scale of both your data and your budget.

Dashboards and Online Visualisation Tools

With expertise in the data visualisation techniques invaluable for effective decision making (see some examples on our blog), we can help you to benefit from using these methods in your business.

This can be achieved by you using our software products that will enable you to define and build your own data visualisations and dashboards, or we can work with you to develop them for you.

Strategy and Team Development

Effective data analytics requires a multi-disciplinary approach. In today's working environment there is perhaps too great a focus on the technologies that can be used for data processing and analytics rather than the consideration and planning that's required to become a successful analytics team or data-driven organisation.

We have a great deal of experience in building effective data analytics teams, and in the strategic planning that forms the basis for the cultural changes required for an organisation to become data-driven. We can help you to achieve your goals in this area.